Folktairyables Diagrapharted

Folktairyables Diagrapharted

Matt Weber
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  • Likely to make you smink (smile and think)
  • Or maybe make you thile or thinkle (think and smile)

This book takes an irreverent look at the folktales, fairy tales, and fables of our childhood and parenthood. In this collection of diagrams, graphs, and charts, you'll see these classics in ways you haven't and have seen before. 

Imagine Gary Larson, Chris Harris, Jessica Hagy, Demetri Martin, and Austin Kleon got together to explain fairy tales and such in a simply sophisticated humorous way. 

Readers who enjoy the title of this book will find the contents even more amusing.

About the Author:

Matt Weber is currently a 3rd grade teacher in his twenty something-th year teaching.  Students in third grade write folk tales, fairy tales, or fables for their unit of writing for fictional narrative.  He got tired of writing “folk tales, fairy tales, or fable” on the board, so he made up the portmanteau “Folktairyable” for what his students were writing.  Part of the curriculum is to also compare and contrast the similarities and differences of well-known stories.  He and his students started to come up with lists that turned into diagrams and graphs and charts.  Everyone seemed to be amused by the results as well as the additional portmanteau of diagram, graph, and chart which became “diagraphart”-ing for what they were doing.  

Folktairyables Diagrapharted is available through IPG, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Amazon, and all other retail and wholesale channels.

Published - October 2, 2020