Why 121 Publications

Why I chose 121 Publications - by William C. Pack

Before returning to Montana, my homeland, my wife, children, and I long lived in Northern California.  After a career in the corporate world, I wrote novels and volunteered for charity boards. 

One Spring, my wife brought home 7 hatchling chicks.  During our subsequent move, we adopted out the chickens to a local elementary school where they were adored by students who squealed, hugged, and, to my surprise, often spontaneously kissed them.  Hence, I hatched NEVER KISS A CHICKEN! 

William Pack Never Kiss a Chicken Photo Coffee Cup

I penned this comical book with fun verses to teach children that chickens need to be handled safely, mirroring pandemic guidelines. Lily Liu, the French illustrator, happily signed on to illustrate the book. The picture-book message rendered clear, whimsically reminding children and parents to be careful around chickens, whether in backyards, at schools, or on farms. NEVER KISS A CHICKEN! incorporates important CDC chicken handling reminders to avoid the spread of infectious germs. 

When Covid-19 began, I knew that this, more than ever, was time to offer the book for publication. My first instinct was to contact Matt Weber at 121 Publications, whom I knew personally to be a professional educator who founded 121 Publications in order to produce and distribute books for the betterment and education of young children. As a publisher, author, and a passionate, compassionate advocate for early education, Matt is the real deal. 

From the start, Matt saw the value and mission of NEVER KISS A CHICKEN! He loved the whimsy of lessons in chicken handling.  The process with Matt was effortless. As an author I feel heartened at Matt's deft expertise and execution of behind-the-scenes, day to day activities of publishing this aspiring classic.  121 Publications is born of books for parents, educators, and children who want to teach and learn in a fun and captivating manner. I am pleased to be partnering and collaborating with this publisher on NEVER KISS A CHICKEN!