China from A to Z

China from A to Z

Matt Weber
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  • Short rhymes make it fun and digestible to read!
  • Photos on every page engage kids that aren’t reading yet!
  • Short enough to pick up and read, but still full of 78 facts (26 x 3)!

Twenty-six historical and architectural features shared by the famous California missions are detailed in an alphabetic format in this perfect learning tool. Using color photographs, an introductory rhyme, and a factual paragraph, each letter thoroughly covers a mission topic, such as A for arches, B for bells, and C for crosses. Comprehensive and easy to understand, the book is ideal for students, teachers, California history buffs, and mission visitors.

About the Author:

Matt Weber spent the summers of 1995, 1997, 1998, and 2001 in Beijing and traveling in China.  Every time he went, Beijing had another ring road.  His favorite food was zongzi and his least favorite food was stinky tofu.  His best friend and badminton doubles partner, Jeff, gave him the Chinese name of “Mantou” for Matt.  His students, and Jeff, thought this was quite amusing.  

His first book that he published was in China and called Off the Top of my Head: a Collection of American Idioms.  

China from A to Z is available through IPG.