Idioches Diagrapharted

Idioches Diagrapharted

Matt Weber
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  • Likely to make you smuckle (smirk and chuckle)
  • Possibly will make you grigh (grin and sigh)
  • Potentially will result in you wanting to diagraphart something you think of

Taking an irreverent look at the idioms and cliches that seem to be a dime a dozen, this book is the best thing since sliced bread! in this collection of diagrams, graphs, and charts, you’ll see things in a whole new light. If you read the title and smiled or smirked when you said it, the contents are right up your alley. 

This book is like Gary Larson, Demetri Martin, Jessica Hagy, and Austin Kleon got together for a weekend brainstorming session about idioms and cliches, and the results are creative, amusing, and witty.

About the Author:

Quoting his favorite song lyric, Matt Weber “has a tendency to wear his mind on his sleeve.  He has a history of losing his shirt.”  

His first published book was a collection of American idioms that started as a list for his students in China.  After diagramming and graphing and charting (diagrapharting) folktales and fairy tales and fables, he decided to bring things full circle, and do his next Diagrapharted book about idioms and cliches.  He decided to call it Idioches (it seemed like a more prudent choice than the other option).  

Fun + Shooting Fish + Monkeys = ...barrels.  

He thought Idioches Diagrapharted was a barrel of fun to write, which made it as easy to write as shooting fish in a barrel, and he hopes you find it as fun as a barrel of monkeys to read.  

Idioches Diagrapharted is available through IPG, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Amazon, and all other retail and wholesale channels. 

Published - October 2, 2018